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19 - 22 October


EUR 100 per session
With registration to more than 4 sessions, we introduce an overall discount of 20%.

The price includes also recordings and documentation.

VAT is not included in the price.

We reserve the right to make changes to the program.


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Green week

Webinars, 19 - 22 October

Montel welcomes you to join a new and flexible event to gain insights into the green energy markets. This event will focus on the important and challenging topics around the energy transitions.

The Green Week covers diverse topics related to renewable technologies and the energy transition.

This includes the latest market structures, changes in market prices, regulatory affairs and the technological development.

Sign up to the topics of your interest and enrich your workday with some highly relevant market updates.

The concept
In four days, you can join up to ten webinar sessions on diverse topics related to the green transition. Each session is 50 minutes long. This eventful week takes place 19 - 22 October, streamed directly from Montel's headquarters in Oslo.

Topics you can learn about under Green Week:
The renewable energy development in Europe
» Hydrogen
» Guarantees of Origin (GOs)
» Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
» Flexibility and storage
» Artificial Intelligence (AI)
» Market update by Montel

The diversity of topics and content complexity makes this event relevant for all professionals with an interest in the European energy market.

When signing up for this event, you cherry pick the sessions relevant to you, and will subsequently only be invoiced for the sessions you have signed up for. Please note that your registration is personal.

We look forward to welcoming you to all our interesting webinar sessions 19 - 22 October.


Monday 19 October

11:00 - 11:50 Updates by Montel (free of charge)

11:00-11:25 What tools are available in Montel to help you position in the green markets?
Silje Landmark, Sales Manager, Montel and Morten Hegna, Manager, Montel

11:25-11:50 Environmental market update and outlook for 2021
Snjolfur Richard Sverrison, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel and Olav Vilnes, Chief editor Nordic &Baltic region, Montel

13:00-13:50 The renewable development in Europe
Speaker from Ørsted

15:00-15:50 Introduction to Power Purchase Agreements

15:00-15:25 Description and explenation of the most popular PPA structures – A view from Germany
Dr. Thomas Kott, Senior Originator, Axpo Deutchland

15:25-15:50 Is PPAs for smaller corporates taking of? Insights from our discussion and tenders
Mia Bodin, Co-founding Partner/Head of Analysis, Bodecker Partners

Tuesday 20 October:

11:00-11:50 Guarantees of Origin (Part 1)
Speaker announced soon

15:00 - 15:50 PPA Market opportunities and challanges

15:00-15:25 Market Following PPAs – Chances and Challanges
Dr. Steffen Hundt, Founder, Think RE

15:25-15:50 The challanges and opportunities of Cross-border PPAs
Mikkel Kring, OurNewEnergy

Wednesday 21 October:

09:30-10:20 The need for flexibility – costs and opportunities for market participants

09:30-09:55 The role of batteries and hydrogen in the wholesale energy maket
Marius Holm Rennesund, Partner, THEMA Consulting Group

09:55-10:20 Cost developments in the balancing market
Arndt von Schemde, Partner, THEMA Consulting Group

11:00-11:50 Hydrogen
Speaker announced soon

13:00 - 13:50 Guarantees of Origin (Part 2)
Speaker announced soon

Thursday 22 October:

11:00-11:50 Demand side flexibility
Speaker announced soon

13:00-13:50 Artificial Intelligence

13:00-13:25 Using AI in Nordic hydropower plants. Performance reports from run-off-river and inflow models
Tor Wilhelm Havåg, Head of analysis, Tussa Energi and John Anders Stende, Master in computational physics, Montel AI

13:25-13:50 Optimizing European wind and solar power predictions using AI. How can we reduce imbalance costs?
Luuk Veeken, CEO and Founder, Dexter Energy Services

Terms and conditions
Payment due within 20 days from received invoice. If you are prevented from attending, a colleague can take your place. If you have to cancel your registration, an administration fee of 10% will be charged. If the cancellation takes place two weeks prior to the conference, you will be charged 50% of the price. If the cancellation takes place one week prior to the conference, total amount will be charged. Cancellations have to be in writing.




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